2012-09-13: Workflow: Road Name Search (Maintenance Provider, Address Range)

Sometimes people want to see attributes of a road (address range, ownership or maintenance provider, route number). Often they only have a road name or county road number or route number to help them track down this information.

From Easy Search select the ‘Road’ option (see image below, click to enlarge):

If searching for Waverly Av any of the following could be entered [Wav, Waverly, Waverly Av]. The Road Search also allows you to search by route number and York County road numbers. Examples include 49, 161, 21, or F5-077. Next, press ‘Enter’ or click on the ‘Search’ button.

A successful search produces the report below. If you would like an interactive map that would allow you to pan, zoom, or add various layers (aerials, zoning, property boundaries), then try the blue hyperlinks at the bottom of the report.

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