2013-03-08: Workflow: Obtaining a Printed Map with EZ Site and Zoning Viewer

Users often need to create maps for properties with zoning and property details. The information below was crafted to show a user how to use the Zoning Viewer to create a printable custom map. Frequently, we guide internal users to our web-based GIS products instead of Desktop (ArcMap/ArcReader) since they have additional cost associated (training, licensing).

To begin, users need to answer a couple questions. 1) What information is available to search for the properties. 2) What information products are desired once the properties have been found.

We prefer to have users start with Easy Search “EZ” Site as it is flexible enough to allow for either an address, road or tax data search. Once a property has been located, a purpose-specific viewer can be launched and tools can be used to create the information products desired. Sometimes users need to measure and mark up the map and then Print a report or larger map. The description below describes a similar workflow.

Start a search using Easy Search with “search by owner” selected.


Of course you could search by one of the other methods such as Address, ParcelID, Subdivision, and Road.

Once you get to the report screen click on the ‘Zoning Viewer’ link.

When the application loads it will zoom to the parcel. You can use the zoom-in, pan, and zoom-out

tools to position the parcel just the way you want. If you want to highlight the parcel hover over the parcel with the mouse. An information box about the parcel should open but don’t worry about that because it won’t show on the printed copy but the red boundary around the parcel will (the highlight). On the left side you can see information about the parcel

Click the layer button in the lower left – hand corner (or in the ‘I want to…’ menu) to open the layer list. This is done so that we can turn on the Aerial photography layer and if desired turn off the zoning solid fill layer (tends to hide the aerial and often is not needed because the zoning labels provides the necessary information).

Once the layer list is open scroll to the bottom of the list to place a check mark besides the ‘2009 imagery’ layer.

If you desire to not show the zoning solid fill (tends to obscure the aerial) scroll to the ‘Zoning’ folder and expand it (if it needs to be) by clicking the ‘+’ next to the check box and uncheck the appropriate zoning layers (in this case I unchecked Zoning and Multi-zoning). You could also slide the transparency slider for the ‘Customer Service’ folder to the left to make all the layers in this folder more transparent (by default this is set to 50% transparent). This would make solid fills more transparent and the aerials more visible but it would also make the zoning labels less visible. You might try this several time to see if there is a happy medium. (I tried 25% and the labels were still visible and the aerial was clearly visible.)

Now we are ready to print. Click on the ‘I want to…’ button and then click ‘Create a printable map’

The print dialog box will appear. You can accept all the default if you wish but you may want to add a custom title and notes.

Click the ‘Create File’ button. A message box will appear when your print file is completed. Click the ‘Open File’ button.

The PDF document should open and if you move the mouse over the document you should see options at the bottom for printing, saving and magnification.

If the extents on the print file has shifted from what you had setup (as in this example) you might try adjusting the browser size so that the map portion of the browser is approximately square. This will match the shape of the map portion of the print file.

Map portion of browser is rectangular (browser is max to screen) Map portion of print file is square (approximately) –

Parcel of interest is no longer centered.

Browser resized so that map portion of is approximately square Parcel is now centered – similar to the way it appeared in the browser.

2650000093 with zoning solid fill and labels.pdf

2650000093 zoning labels only.pdf

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