2013-05-07: Search by Address (Geocode/Locate)

Our map viewers are now able to search by address now that geocoding has been enabled in the Search Box.

How does this help you?

Previously, the address you searched needed to be entered exactly as we had it in our records. If you misspelled a road name or did not know the house number, no results would be returned.

Locate/geocode results contain the standardized address and a score. The score indicates how closely your search criteria matches our records.

In the example screenshot below MT GALLANT road was misspelled with an “E” and results were still found. If you review and correct the results, records from our address data are then returned.

In the Search Box, it is possible to query using an:

· Address, ( 4621 Mt Gallant Rd )  or Intersection (use &) ( Mt Gallant & Twin Lakes )

· Parcel Number (TaxMapID) or Owner Name (last name first initial),

· Subdivision,

· Street Name and

· Plan Tracking (Number or Project Name).

Now that you have searched for an address, how do you obtain property record information?

1. Click on the globe icon next to zoom to the result location.

2. Once you have zoomed to the location of a search result, use the identify tool or as in the screenshot below, right click and choose “ What’s Here ” to then review property search results.

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