2013-07-15: Data Extract and Download through Clip & Zip website

We have offered users the ability to extract small portions of our data for many years. The information below describes how you can perform this workflow within our latest viewer.

Many surveying and engineering firms use this service to work with small portions of larger GIS data files. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to work with a 3 GB file of contours/topography when only few lots or subdivision size area are needed.

The GIS Data extraction process starts by launching the website and then following the following steps:

  1. Search by Parcel ID#, Subdivision or Street Name
  2. Review and zoom to results
  3. Choose Extract GIS Data Layers from the ‘I Want To’ menu.

Once you have launched the extract Data workflow, there are an additional 3 steps.

(data layers visible for extract as of 9/13/13, let us know if you need additional layers)

  1. Select Layers to extract
  2. Select an area of interest to extract. The exported data will be clipped to this boundary.
  3. Select the output format.

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