2013-09-13: Introducing Map Themes

There are a variety of users with many different needs who make use of our viewers.

We recently begain using Layer Themes to help you access information needed for certain uses within the same viewer.

We encourage users to use the “EZ Site” to search for and access basic property information. If an interactive viewer is needed to ask specific questions, consider using one of the “Application Links” (highlighted in red below) to launch the viewer with layers available and visible.


Please keep in mind that you always have the option to interact with ‘All Available Layers’ if needed (see screenshot). Once a viewer is launched and you need to view other layers, just use the drop down and make the change (no need to return to EZ site.)

For example, to review sales comps on the map,

a. launch the Dynamic GIS map “Parcel” link


b. use the ‘Parcel Property’ map theme within the Planning Viewer.

In the map layers list, look for the ‘Yearly Sales’ layer as in the screenshot below.

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