2013-11-05: State of the County GIS Program – Existing Patterns of Use & Road Ahead

This message is intended as a very high level overview of current GIS solutions deployed and a preview of future efforts.

York County offers the GIS Online services to both citizens and staff as a window into the information county staff maintain for daily operations.  The GIS team takes pride in making efforts to ensure the information in our GIS Online can be used to make timely, informed and accurate decisions.  

The online web mapping solution we offer will continue to undergo upgrades as technology around us improves.  We foresee limited impact upon you, as a user, in the future as the majority of change will take place “behind the scenes.”  

The biggest advancement we are excited to announce is the ability for the growing mobile workforce to use our information products on mobile devices (phones and tablets, iOS, Android, or Windows).  Mobile access is already available and we promote this through our website.  In 2014, we will have even more in our web options.  If you would like an early look, browse to the penniesforprogress.net interactive map.

Now that development has returned to York County, there is a demand and need for refreshing our imagery.  The last imagery was acquired in 2009 – we are excited to announce that we will have both oblique and aerial imagery available in 2014 with additional plans established for 2016.

Users of our GIS Online services can access both oblique (Pictometry) and aerial imagery through our EZ site.  The oblique image can be launched in a viewer with parcels layer or in a viewer synced with the map.  For more information on this, see our blog posting describing the options available.  

It has been said in local government, there are only two kinds of data, spatial and financial.  Even those two come together!  Within the last couple years there has been another exciting addition in the use of Cityworks, a GIS-Centric asset management software.  In four departments, staff have begun using this daily to become better stewards of County infrastructure assets and more responsive to citizen inquiries.  We are exploring citizen engagement opportunities to promote communication among staff and with the public.

Also, don’t forget GIS Day this November 20!  Each year, this day is an opportunity to demonstrate how we use GIS in our daily work and how this powerful technology plays a role in making our world a better place!  This year the GIS Team plans to gather and share the results of the recent GIS HealthCheck, an assessment of the business utilization of the GIS, and ways to get the most out of our GIS.  While our event will be for staff this year, please do consider attending the event in Charlotte, which is well established and has been held since 1999.  

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