2015-05-08: EZ Search has Changed!

EZ Search Has Changed!

We have been working hard for the past few months to bring you a new EZ Search site that will better serve your needs.

All the same information is available, along with some new features:

  • Mobile Friendly – No matter which device or browser you use to view our site, it will look good.  Even tablets and mobile phones!
  • Redesigned Interface – The site is cleaner and easier to navigate than before.
  • More Informative Reports – When you search by Owner or TaxMapID, you’ll get as much information as possible for that parcel.
  • Better Auto-Complete – Start getting suggestions from the first letter you type for most input boxes.
  • Improved Results Table – Once you get your search results, you can filter the results even further to get to the information you want even easier.
  • Redesigned Report – The reports now feature more information, a map, Google® Street View, and a new layout that groups information in a way that you can find the information you want even faster.
  • Share Easier – You can send someone the link to the search or report you are looking at, and they will be able to see the same information.
  • Explore Other Sites – There is a section for our other GIS Sites right at the top.  So, now, finding other applications or downloading data is even easier to get to.

(We have some additional updates planned in May/June/July 2015 for our viewers.)

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