2015-07-10: How to view Oblique Imagery (In a Viewer)

As of August 2015 we are offering two ways to access oblique imagery (Pictometry).

  1. Using a login (staff can contact us for an account) at pol.pictometry.com.      (Please note:  If you formerly used a login account and still need the additional features, such as markup tools and saving a project, contact us to set this up for you.)
  2. Within our Geocortex HTML5 Viewers (Planning or Road Viewer, etc). Read below for details on this option.

To access Pictometry click on the ‘3rd Party Maps’ button (Figure 1 .) This will open Pictometry as a panel within the map portion of the browser (Figure 2.) Click the button with an arrow on it (Figure 3) in the upper right corner of this panel to open Pictometry in a new browser tab. This will allow for full screen viewing of Pictometry.

Many of the familiar controls in Pictometry have not changed. Navigation is accomplished with controls in the upper left corner of the panel (Figure 4.) To pan within Pictometry left click on the image and drag the mouse. After using one of the tools from the tools menu (Figure 5) it is necessary to select ‘Pan’ from this menu to resume panning. The visibility of layer is controlled by clicking on the ‘Layers’ button (Figure 6.)

(** Please note tools seen below will be different, if you are accessing our viewer on a device outside our internal network, this is due to licensing)

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