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2013-09-13: Introducing Map Themes

There are a variety of users with many different needs who make use of our viewers. We recently begain using Layer Themes to help you access information needed for certain uses within the same viewer. We encourage users to use … Continue reading

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2013-08-12: Got Coordinates? Need Coordinates?

There are various uses for using an X and Y coordinate pair when using a mapping system such as our EZ site and related viewers, however most of us will geocode a location with an address (see screenshot below for … Continue reading

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2013-07-15: Data Extract and Download through Clip & Zip website

We have offered users the ability to extract small portions of our data for many years. The information below describes how you can perform this workflow within our latest viewer. Many surveying and engineering firms use this service to work … Continue reading

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2013-05-07: Search by Address (Geocode/Locate)

Our map viewers are now able to search by address now that geocoding has been enabled in the Search Box. How does this help you? Previously, the address you searched needed to be entered exactly as we had it in … Continue reading

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2012-09-13: Workflow: Road Name Search (Maintenance Provider, Address Range)

Sometimes people want to see attributes of a road (address range, ownership or maintenance provider, route number). Often they only have a road name or county road number or route number to help them track down this information. From Easy … Continue reading

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2012-09-12: Workflow: Adjoining Property Owner Report

To obtain ownership information for multiple properties, the Reports button on the Tasks tab can be chosen along with the “Parcel Report – Table” report. Choose to select the map by selecting the area of interest containing all the properties … Continue reading

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2012-09-05: Workflow: One Page Property Report

Many have relied upon a one page property report within previous websites we offered. This is still available within new websites that the county GIS offers. Specifically within the Easy Search the information can be found through the ‘View/Print Report’ … Continue reading

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